What is codeigniter

Codeigniter is a PHP Framework used for developing a web application. It works on MVC (Model View Controller) pattern. It contains libraries, logical structures and simple interface to access these plug-ins, libraries, helpers and some other resources which solve the complex functions of PHP more easily maintaining a high performance.


What is MVC(Model View Controller)

Codeigniter Framework is based on Model View Controller ( MVC ) pattern. MVC is a software approach that gives you a separate logical view form the presentation view. 


Model :-

The Model represent your database structure. In Model Class, you can insert, update information in your database and also you can fetch the data from database and send to the controller.


View :-

It is the information that is presented in front of users. It can be a part of pages or complete webpage

like : Header, Body and Footer.


Controller :-

The Controller works as an intermediator between model and view to process HTTP request and generates a web page.

Main Points : 

1) The controller file name should start from a capital letter (Uppercase Letter).
eg: File.php


2) Class name and File name (Controller File) should be same and also start with a capital Letter (Uppercase Letter).
eg: File.php (Controller File Name)

Syntax :


// Class name

class File extends CI_Controller { 


Source Code:

Codeigniter tutorial for beginners

In this project. We are providing you, how to create small project in Codeign....

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