List Products from Database

In this tutorials, we are going to teach you how to fetch products from database.


Step 1 :  Create successlogin() in main controller and then we have to write the query in it so that we can fetch the data from the table of product.

function successlogin()
	//Get user id from session
	$user_id = Auth::user()->id;

	//get product list with the of user id
	$products = DB::select('select * from product where user_id = "'.$user_id.'"');
	return view('successlogin',['products'=>$products]);


Step 2 : Open your dashboard page (successlogin.blade.php) and then we will use foreach loop. So that we can show the details of the products on the dashboard page.

foreach : In foreach loop works only on arrays and objects.

eg : 

<table class="table table-striped table-bordered">
    <thead class="btn-primary">
        <th>Product Name</th>
        <th>Product Price</th>
        <th>Product Quantity</th>
        $i = 1; 
        foreach ($products as $product) { 
          <td><?php echo $i; ?></td>
          <td><?php echo $product->product_name; ?></td>
          <td><?php echo $product->product_price; ?></td>
          <td><?php echo $product->product_quantity; ?></td>
          <?php if($product->status == '1'){ ?> 
            <a href="#" class="btn btn-success">Active</a>
          <?php }else{ ?> 
            <a href="#" class="btn btn-danger">Inactive</a>
          <?php } ?>
            <a href="{{url('/edit-product',$product->id)}}" class="btn btn-primary">Edit</a>
       <?php $i++; } ?>


Result :

Source Code:

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