Laravel Structure

This is very important part of understand the file structure of Laravel project.

Now, it is a image of laravel project.


app : In app directory, it contains the core code of your application.


bootstrap : In bootstrap directory, it contains a few files that bootstrap the framework and configure autoloading, as well as cache directory that contains a few framework generated files for bootstrap performance optimization.


config : In config directory, it contains all of your application's configuration files.


database : In database directory, it contains your database migration and seeds. you may also use this directory to hold an SQLite database.


public : In public directory, it contains the front controller and your assets (images, JavaScript, CSS, etc.).


resources : It contains your views, raw assets and localization files.


storage : It contains compiled blade templates, file based sessions, file caches and other files generated by the frameswork.


vendor : It contains your Composer dependencies.


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Small Laravel Project

In this project. We are providing you, how to create small project in Laravel....

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