Installation of Laravel Project

Kailash Singh

Installation of Laravel Project

Published Dec 16,2020 by Kailash Singh

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In this tutorial, i am going to teach you how to install laravel project.


What is laravel ?

Larevel is a free, open source Php web framework and intented for the development of web application. It works on MVC (Model View Controller) pattern.


Step 1 : You will open the browser and search


Step 2 : Now  we will go to the documentation page and select there version 5.8

Path : Clcik here to get the 5.8 version of laravel


Step 3 :  Before installing the laravel you have to install composer bacause lavavel utilizes composer to manage its dependencies. So, before using lavavel, make sure you have composer installed on your machine (Computer or Laptop).

Now open your command prompt ( CMD )


and then enter the command to install the Composer.

composer global require laravel/installer



Step 4 : In this step, we will check composer is installed or not with the help of command.


If you get something like this after running this command, it means that your composer is successfully installed.


Step 5 :  Now we will open the C drive and open the xampp folder in it, then open the htdocs folder and then we will open CMD on that route.


Step 6 : Now in this step, we will create laravel project with the help of the command

composer create-project laravel/laravel laravel_project 5.8


After your project creation has been completed then go to your project with the help of command.

eg : cd Project_Name

cd laravel_project


Step 7 : Now use the command to run your laravel project.

eg : php artisan serve


Now, use this link to run your laravel project on browser

eg : http://localhost:8000/



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